Keep your car in top shape with our full range of services and genuine Subaru parts

No matter what make or model you drive, with our services and genuine Subaru parts, we’ll help you keep your car running smoothly. From cambelt replacements and coolant flushes to full A Service with diagnostic testing, our technicians will ensure your car gets the attention it deserves.

Full range of services


Accessories/cambelt removed. Inspect hydraulic tensioner and all idlers. New crank seal and cambelt fitted. Refit all accessories and check ignition timing and idle speed.

from $420.00

Coolant flush

Cooling system drained, flushed with clean water. Cooling system refilled, anti-freeze added, system bled. Pressure test and check for leaks.

from $122.00

Transmission service

Connect vehicle to flush machine and carry out a transmission flush. New transmission oil is added.

Standard Transmission from $260.00

CVT Transmission from $450.00

CV Joint

Suspension joint is released, drive axle removed to remove joint. New CV joint and boot fitted. Axel refitted.

from $290.00


Remove/replace brake pads, inspect rotors. Brake fluid flushed and brakes bled. Adjust handbrake.

from $195.00


Connect Subaru diagnostic scan tool. Carry out self-diagnosis and record faults. Monitor live date and recommend necessary repairs.

from $112.00

A Service, recommended every 10,000k

  • Vehicle placed on hoist. Brakes checked, rear brakes dusted and adjusted, brake hoses checked.
  • Replace engine oil, sump plug, and oil filter.
  • Diff and gear oil checked
  • Underside of vehicle inspected, including exhaust, rubber boats, steering joints, brakes lines and hoses, fuel lines, shock absorbers, etc.
  • Tyres checked, pressure set. Doors lubed.
  • Coolant system checked for leaks
  • All fluids checked and topped up as required.
  • Drive belts adjusted, battery topped up and terminals checked.
  • Check plugs, clean air filter and replace if required.
  • Carry out engine diagnostic.
  • Timing, idle speed and fuel mixture set. Engine electrical system checked.

from $270.00

B Service recommended every 50,000kms

As per A Service plus:

  • Replace diff and gear box oils
  • Carry out transmission flush and coolant flush
  • Replace brake fluid, bleed system

from $710.00

C Service recommended every 100,000kms

As per B Service plus:

  • Replace cambelt, crank seal and check/replace hydraulic tensioner and idlers
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace pollen filter

from $1370.00

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